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Project Details

Toledospotz is to provide the customer with the best deals that your favorite bars and restaurants offer, because who’s not looking for the best way to save a buck.

There are so many deals and specials out there it is impossible to keep them all straight. Toledospotz is here to provide you with the daily, weekly, and monthly specials that your favorite bars and restaurants are offering.

Toledospotz is also supporting your business. You can choose many different ways to reach the most valuable part of your business, your customers. We offer premium advertising for your business on our site along with the ability to send notifications to your customers when you are going to provide them with an amazing new deal. We also offer many more services to help compete in this challenging market.

Technology  Laravel 5.5, MySQL
Responsibilities  Design, Development
Time  105 Hours
Team Size  3 (2 Web Developers, 1 Designer)
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