April, 2018 -

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

After working and completing multiple small projects, some went good some went bad, we wanted to have a bigger platform for ourselves and cater all our clients in a more decent way. so, started creating team and alongwith the help of some good folks all around, have created a team of 10 members. I know it is not always fun, but we have made our work funtastic and energy that succumbs within me is just awesome.


November, 2017 -

"Individually each one of us is a drop, together we are the ocean!"

I cannot fake it! I can build any story here, but I will be honest - because that is imbibed in me. Should I gave up my regular job for some time-off from work in April, 2017. After absolutely doing nothing for the first 4 months and taking long naps, he envisioned Urvam and started working with someone as helping hand and nurtured their business to prosper in all colors. So, that's then Urvam was born. - Malay's story and the rest everybody can witness.