Best Practices For Effective E-commerce Website Development To Increase Revenue

Jun 2023

Nowadays, E-commerce becomes the most popular platform for shopping as it provides a wide range of selection with a single click. There is nothing that you could not found online, from small needle to giant machines, breakfast to dinner, casual wear to party dress, a wide variety of options with amazing discount tags can arrive at your doorstep.

Thus for obvious reasons competition is also increasing day by day. You must have to learn the best practices for website design and development to convince the consumer for purchasing your product. When consumers visit your website they should feel secure, easy to navigate, and eye-catching designs. In a single note, you should give them a reason for browsing your website and purchasing your products. Following are the best practices for effective e-commerce website development to increase revenue.

Secure payment gateways:

Cybersecurity is a major concern for shoppers these days. Secure payment gateways are giving consumers plenty of reasons to shop from your website. More secure payment methods may cost you more than cheaper and less secure payment gateways but the end of the day it can help you to win the trust of your consumer and can compensate by your revenue. try to use the well-known payments gateways and that must provide high security in your business area. You must proudly display any security badges your website is using.

Keep your design simple and include spaces:

I know if you are a designer or developer than thinking of why include spaces as white space is known to declutter website pages. I am not saying to add too many spaces but there will be a little gap between two types of section as a user can take a breath while reading your content. Everything is linked together feels congested and there are high chances to miss some of your content or not likely to read. Simple and spacy design with no too many banners has very high chances. Avoid animations, lengthy content, ambiguous terminology, and stock images as much as possible.

Use of human psychology:

Human psychology is a really interesting topic and little use of it can help you gain temandios conversations. I’ll give you one example; If your product is out of sell then you can use sad emojis that likely to be noticed more can provide a reason to come back and create curiosity for that particular product. If the buyer has some products in their wishlist then try to notify them about the stock of the product and selling rate that impulses the buyer to purchase it as soon as possible. That small psychological trick can help you increase your revenue.

Use high quality product images and videos:

Buyers want to see the product that they are buying before they purchase it. Images that are blurry, too small and not clear are most likely to be rejected by the buyers. Your image must be high resolution with zoom in - zoom out functionality. Also provides some extra images for different angles. Videos are the most effective way to tell the customer why they should buy a particular product. Try to make some videos that tells the customer how to use the products, comparisons and benefits of the products. Also, you can promote these videos on social media platforms to drive consumers towards your E-commerce store

Responsive Design:

Smartphone revolution made the biggest impact on e-commerce market growth. Majority of users browse the e-commerce store via mobile phones. Responsive design enables users to navigate easily through the website and content visibility at par. If we look it from search engine perspective then google and most of the search engines prioritize responsive design in mobile searches that will straight impact your business revenue.

Search bar and Filters:

Add an easy-to-find search bar. The user always looking for easy navigation through the search bar. Make search functionality that based on query also try to add latent semantic keywords for making suggestions and use cookies for their previous search query. User has to choose one product from the list of thousand products so it is necessary to use filters to shorten that list. Filters help the user to reach close at their desired product.

Customer testimonials:

We like to meet you and do everything to capture your vision, understand your goals, and reverse engineer for your plans. We truly understand what is a required mentality, physically. Intellectually and the dynamics associated with to go from idea to reality. We own the responsibility regardless of the circumstances.

Use Videos:

Nowadays, videos are the most effective way to tell your consumers about your products and they love to hear you rather than reading you. If you demonstrate your product with videos then user most likely spend more time with your e-commerce website. Your video must be appealing, clean, professional, able to describe your product and how to use it.

Attractive offers and discount:

This is the most effective and at the same time the most difficult part of every e-commerce website. Because finding great offer needs lots of brainstorming and efforts. Obviously creating offers may affect your profit margins but it is the most effective marketing strategies as well. Once you set up the offers start finding a relevant portal where you can display your offer and drive the most traffic towards your store. The modern concept of offering is up with the already established brand and link your offer with them so that you can get the customer of that particular brand as well.


If you really want to increase your sales then you must have to come up with creative ways to get traffic towards your website. Have to give the consumer a solid reason for why he/she will buy your product. Make sure you earn the trust of your valuable consumer by offering them a secure environment while browsing your website. Try to get all the possible reviews from your buyer and make regular improvement based on those reviews. Always listen to you the customer and leave a response for them.

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