What is Cyber Security? What is the services and categories of Cyber Security?

Jun 2023

Urvam provides a comprehensive variety of top-tier cybersecurity services and solutions to help your organisation improve operational resilience, data privacy, and cyber threat prevention. Our Services are:

Information Security:

urvam offers role-based access control (RBAC), multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), sophisticated encryptions, and data loss prevention technologies to offer robust data security in motion and at rest while ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Threat Detection:

We provide real-time threat monitoring, identification, and response to protect your company from advanced cyber attacks and other suspicious activity. In addition, our specialists use reducing ML-powered threat intelligence tools to accurately assess prospective threats and assist you in enabling a predictive security posture.

Incremental Development:

The software is partitioned into increments which are developed and validated separately using the Cleanroom process. These increments are specified, with customer input, at an early stage in the process.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC):

Our experts provide comprehensive IT risk management services, including as security audits, monitoring, and event management, to assist you in identifying and mitigating risks. Furthermore, we can help you comply with our integrated GRC solution, urvam SCM.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:

urvam consultants create and implement comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your business from accidental downtime. We will evaluate your workloads and determine your RTO/RPO together. As a result, our experts will implement a strong BDR solution that is customized to your cloud or hybrid environment.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics:

urvam security teams undertake continuous incident monitoring to investigate and conduct thorough digital forensic analysis of incidents, as well as report and remediate internal or external assaults. Furthermore, we may improve your long-term protection by building thorough incident response plans (IRPs) and using automated reaction to frequent incidents.

Service Categories

Security Assessment:

We provide personalised security evaluations to discover and resolve your security issues. The scope of the service comprises evaluation of information risk and network security, vulnerability scanning, security process validation, and penetration testing in accordance with NIST 800-series, ISO 27K, ISF SoGP, BSI IT-Grundschutz, GDPR, and other techniques and standards.

Penetration Testing:

Urvam builds accurate attack vectors and scenarios tailored to your organization based on his 15+ years of Penetration experience. Web, desktop, mobile, network, and social engineering Penetration testing, as well as assessment of resistance to multi-layered assaults and red teaming, are all part of our offerings (simulated targeted attacks).

Cloud Security:

Urvam offers a comprehensive set of dedicated services to safeguard your cloud or hybrid infrastructure on all fronts. For a coordinated incident response, our professionals set up a strong IAM, effective data loss protection, proactive threat monitoring, and cloud SIEM. In addition, we create and implement high-level security roadmaps to ensure a completely secure cloud migration.

IT Infrastructure Protection:

Urvam utilizes cutting-edge techniques and solutions to assure the complete security of your IT infrastructure. To protect your online applications, we manage and implement web application firewalls. Furthermore, our professionals improve network security through rigorous access control, malicious traffic monitoring, and fault-tolerant network architecture.

Security Operations Center (SOC):

Our managed SOC solution is intended to meet all of your security requirements through a SLA-based architecture. urvam offers L1/L2/L3 SOC services to protect your company against known and zero-day threats, monitor suspicious activity, detect deviations from typical user or system behaviour, investigate and respond to security events, and ensure compliance.

SIEM/SOAR Solution Deployment:

Urvam creates and delivers high-end SIEM/SOAR solutions based on Azure Sentinel as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection. Our SIEM/SOAR systems provide enhanced capabilities for alarm detection, cyber threat visibility, proactive threat hunting, and response to your organization.

DevSecOps Implementation:

You can quickly design safe apps of the highest quality by combining security with DevOps. urvam offers specialist DevSecOps advice and implementation services to help you improve software development using application security self-testing, self-diagnosis, and self-protection technologies.

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